Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Making a DVD

So there I was, sat in bed, when suddenly a thought struck me like a stone hurled by a particularly accurate stone hurler. "Why not make a DVD?" my brain excitedly yelled. "It'd be so much fun and you can call it 'Fat Tony's Beatbox Tutorials Volume 1' and people can buy it and you could even handwrite little thank-you notes when you send them!"

Rather foolishly, the rest of me replied with "wow, brain, that's a really good idea" and thus the concept of a DVD was born. Of course, saying "I would like to make a DVD" is extremely easy, but within twenty-four hours my old friend Low Self Esteem (hereafter referred to as LSE) started kicking up a fuss along with Mr Dilemma (hereafter referred to as MD).

LSE: Nobody would buy it, you know. Your videos are all online, people would just view them there, it's a waste of time and money.
MD: You should re-record the tutorials then, and make them higher quality.
LSE: Oh yeah? With his stupid little camera and little netbook? It'll look terrible.
MD: Then maybe just a DVD with the tutorials on it in an easy-to-view layout?
LSE: Why would anybody want that?
MD: Shut up, I'm thinking here... now, should you sell them through a publisher direct or have a few hundred mailed out to you?
LSE: A few HUNDRED? Only he and his mother are actually going to buy a copy, what will he do with the rest, hand them out on street corners?

And so on, and so forth.

I would very much like to put out a DVD but I am somewhat torn with the various options (just looking at how to produce it is enough to make me crawl under my blanket and weep silently). I would love to refilm a bunch of tutorials but that would take an extremely long time and probably wind up being more effort than it's worth. I might end up just editing each video slightly to chop out the credits and bloopers and stuff.

The point of this (rather confused) blog is basically to ask for input from you guys, my fans, subscribers, and viewers. What do you want to see? What would you buy? What would you absolutely not buy?

Please comment, I could use the input!

Peace, love, and a battle within