Friday, 3 September 2010


Hmm, I should probably have thought of this before I started this blog. My mind has a tendency to wander, you see, so I end up forgetting about all these little projects I start. There's no real reason to it other than just being busy, but I am acutely aware of the fact that as soon as I forget about something, so does anybody who might have been interested in it.

Ah well.

Anyway, this is just a bit of an update post, partly because Tony's Heart needs some love, partly because it's been a mental month, and partly because I feel like keeping everybody in the loop.

As anybody who has been following me for a while will be aware of, I am currently in the process of moving to America from my humble abode here in England. I'm only in the country, if all goes to plan, for another 22 days, which as you can probably imagine is as much terrifying as it is exciting. Anyway, we are down to the very last stage of the visa application which consists nice and simply of an interview. I've already gotten the shots I needed, endured various things being stuck into me and a doctor checking out my doo-dah so in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed, I'll be holding the little piece of paper that'll make it all worth while.

I have also left my job now which means I have a few weeks to just chill out and get into the serene state of mind that is no-doubt ideal for moving. It also means I have videos to record and upload which, in fact, would have been done sooner had I not come down with a throat infection just last week (something which threatened to ruin my leaving party, but didn't). The videos I have planned for the immediate future include:

-The Hollow Snare
-The Whistle Scratch
-Combination Snares
-Roland Street Cube Review
-M-Audio Fasttrack Review
-Back to Basics
-The Kick Drum
-The Hi-Hat
-The Outward Rimshot

The idea for the "Back to Basics" video is that it'll give me a great video to "feature" on my channel (I mean, the cricket is my favorite sound, but it's not the easiest sound to learn!) and in turn a handy way of attracting more subscribers. I've also been wanting to do individual videos for the kick, hat, and rimshot since I became a YouTube partner - half the comments I get on the "Basic Sounds and Beats video are pertaining to a specific sound, so it'd be nice to break them up and go into a little more detail.

In other (rather cool) news, the missus has now been made a YouTube partner too! Please go subscribe and check out some of her videos - I have plans to use both channels together very soon, and I might even be starting up a TnT beatbox channel for videos like this one.

Anyway, I feel like I've waffled on for long enough. I hope this has filled you in on some of the crazy up-and-downs I'm clambering through, and again I am eternally grateful for the continued support and patience you guys show me - I know I'm far from the most reliable or consistent individuals on the planet so it really means a lot to me that you all still follow and subscribe to me.

Much love!

Peace, love, and we're going through changes


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