Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A live action Pokemon movie possibly in the works?

"Evidence" here

Well, well, well. I will be honest, Pokemon has been one of my weaknesses in gaming since the television series first started showing on SMTV live when I was roughly 10 years old. After picking up Pokemon Blue (and totally destroying everybody else on it, I might add) I was a completely devoted fan, even going so far as to have the special edition Pikachu N64 to play Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium on. I was a little obsessed - even now I find random Pokemon toys when I clean out my room, tucked into old boxes and left to gather dust.

I might sound like I'm exaggerating, but I'm really not. I still have the N64 laying in a closet, I still have my copy of Pokemon Blue, Yellow, and Silver, Stadium, Snap, Diamond and even the Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color. I remember going to Pokemon events and obtaining Mew (legitimately, not with one of those bloody Action Replay cartridges). I collected all 151 Pokemon in the original game and had a full team of maxed out Pokemon. I knew every trick, every tip, every exploit and every bug. I collected the cards and went to friendly tournaments. And, in the earliest display of geeky shame I can think of, I knew all of the lyrics to the Pokerap.

Man, even the first bar of that song makes me cringe.

Anyway, keeping in mind that it is a franchise I still have quite the Achilles Heel for, I'm sure you can imagine the mix of feelings when I saw the possibly leaked footage of a potential live action movie that might be in production (and really, I cannot stress the indicators of uncertainty enough here). Elaborate joke, total hoax, or legitimate footage? If the latter, is it going to be head-burstingly awesome or a total, embarrassing flop?

Let's pause the questions for a second and look at the "trailer".

Source: http://www.shogungamer.com/news/live-action-gritty-pokemon-movie-trailer-leaked-shogun-gamer-exclusive

A few things are evident right from the start. Firstly, like everything being released these days, it's supposed to be gritty. Secondly, it seems to cram as many Pokemon in as possible, presumably as fan service. And thirdly, it's going to be far from a family-friendly flick.


Having watched the trailer more times than is necessarily healthy (partly through trying to get the facts and partly out of sheer disbelief) I've managed to compile a full list of the Pokemon making an appearance, in order: Meowth, Voltorb, Haunter, Gyarados, Pikachu (of course), Psyduck, Snorlax, Mewtwo, Arbok, Weezing, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Onix, and Charizard. It's very possible I've missed a couple since it's hardly crystal clear footage, but there we go.

The characters look to be the standard line-up from the TV show, namely Ash, Brock, Misty and Team Rocket complete with their characteristics, distinguishing features, and trademark Pokemon. It's interesting seeing guns and vehicles involved (since there are no firearms in any of the Pokemon games and the only transportation seen consists of boats and trains) since that does suggest it's going to be set in the "real world" as opposed to Johto or Kanto (although the fact the trailer only showcases Pokemon from the first 150 suggests it may be set in Kanto).

If it is a hoax, and the seriously sub-par CGI, total lack of dialogue or narrative, and seemingly T-rated action suggests this is more than possible, then it's one that's still going to hook my interests for quite some time. And if it's real, even though I'd wager it's going to be embarrassing and terrible, I'm still going to be first in line to see it.

Peace, love, and Charmander better make an appearance or I shall cry


Friday, 10 September 2010

My favourite beatbox videos

It's a question I anticipate whenever I am interviewed, and something I get asked more than you'd believe.

"What's your favourite beatbox video?"

I'm asked this almost as often as I'm asked the question "who is your favourite beatboxer?" and it's one I'm always a little hesitant to answer. This is because I don't actually listen to beatbox anywhere near as much as I used to, as I find this can have a rather detrimental effect on my originality. It's also rather demoralising to spend some time working on, say, a song cover, only to discover somebody got there first.

That's not to say I don't have favourite videos because I do (otherwise this would be a rather short blog post) and I'm going to list my five favourite clips here, in no particular order, along with a reason.

So, drum roll please!

THAT video of Skiller

There are few videos nowadays that make my jaw hit the floor, but this one does it every time. It's not just the speed - although, I'm sure you'll understand, it's certainly the most striking thing about this clip - but the clarity and rhythm that Skiller shows in this clip. His timing is insane and it all flows incredibly well. Finally, the drum and bass at the end is absolutely ridiculous and unlike anything I've heard before or since this video.

Sly the Mic Buddha vs. Qbert

Another video that still blows me away. Again, the speed has a lot to do with this, but there's the crazy levels of realism in Sly's scratching here that are simply impossible to ignore. The first time I heard this I wasn't watching the video, just playing random videos while I was gaming, and I genuinely thought this was two DJs battling. The last couple of rounds are the finest examples of vocal scratching I can think of.

Kitchen Diaries

Is there anybody who hasn't seen this? It is far from the best beatboxing you'll hear from Beardyman but it's extremely creative and put together very well. Plus Beardyman rocks a dress rather well.

Thinking About Your Body by Bobby McFerrin

Embedding disabled, so I'm afraid you'll have to click to watch it. I know, in this day and age as well. What are we, cavemen? Madness.

Bobby McFerrin is a musician who I could listen to for days on end and never get tired of. His live shows are fantastic, and this video shows why. While it is argued that he isn't really beatboxing he is certainly utilising aspects of vocal percussion and multi-vocalism. This song is one of my favourites by him, and well worth a watch.

"All mouth, and trousers!"

Might as well answer the question regarding my favourite beatboxer, eh? It is Shlomo, and this video is the reason why. See, way back when I first heard beatboxing, I only heard people like Rahzel and Kenny Muhammad. Shlomo was the first white, English, and slightly geeky looking beatboxer I saw, and I pretty much said to myself "if he can do it so can I!" I watched this video dozens of times in the space of a couple of days, then set on the journey that took me to where I am now (beatboxing, that is, not sat in my front room blogging - that'd be an anticlimax to any journey).

So, there we have it. My favourite beatbox videos laid out for you. Of course, it's far from an exhaustive list, and no doubt as soon as I hit "post" I'm going to think of twenty more that I've forgotten to mention, but I'd rather not inundate you with videos.

Feel free to share your own personal favourites!

Peace, love, and cross-dressers


Friday, 3 September 2010


Hmm, I should probably have thought of this before I started this blog. My mind has a tendency to wander, you see, so I end up forgetting about all these little projects I start. There's no real reason to it other than just being busy, but I am acutely aware of the fact that as soon as I forget about something, so does anybody who might have been interested in it.

Ah well.

Anyway, this is just a bit of an update post, partly because Tony's Heart needs some love, partly because it's been a mental month, and partly because I feel like keeping everybody in the loop.

As anybody who has been following me for a while will be aware of, I am currently in the process of moving to America from my humble abode here in England. I'm only in the country, if all goes to plan, for another 22 days, which as you can probably imagine is as much terrifying as it is exciting. Anyway, we are down to the very last stage of the visa application which consists nice and simply of an interview. I've already gotten the shots I needed, endured various things being stuck into me and a doctor checking out my doo-dah so in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed, I'll be holding the little piece of paper that'll make it all worth while.

I have also left my job now which means I have a few weeks to just chill out and get into the serene state of mind that is no-doubt ideal for moving. It also means I have videos to record and upload which, in fact, would have been done sooner had I not come down with a throat infection just last week (something which threatened to ruin my leaving party, but didn't). The videos I have planned for the immediate future include:

-The Hollow Snare
-The Whistle Scratch
-Combination Snares
-Roland Street Cube Review
-M-Audio Fasttrack Review
-Back to Basics
-The Kick Drum
-The Hi-Hat
-The Outward Rimshot

The idea for the "Back to Basics" video is that it'll give me a great video to "feature" on my channel (I mean, the cricket is my favorite sound, but it's not the easiest sound to learn!) and in turn a handy way of attracting more subscribers. I've also been wanting to do individual videos for the kick, hat, and rimshot since I became a YouTube partner - half the comments I get on the "Basic Sounds and Beats video are pertaining to a specific sound, so it'd be nice to break them up and go into a little more detail.

In other (rather cool) news, the missus has now been made a YouTube partner too! Please go subscribe and check out some of her videos - I have plans to use both channels together very soon, and I might even be starting up a TnT beatbox channel for videos like this one.

Anyway, I feel like I've waffled on for long enough. I hope this has filled you in on some of the crazy up-and-downs I'm clambering through, and again I am eternally grateful for the continued support and patience you guys show me - I know I'm far from the most reliable or consistent individuals on the planet so it really means a lot to me that you all still follow and subscribe to me.

Much love!

Peace, love, and we're going through changes