Monday, 29 March 2010

Tricky beginnings

Whew, I feel like a guy who has a car sat in the garage that hasn’t been used for a couple of years.

I’ve tried to start it for days, weeks even, but to no avail. The cobwebs and weeds wrapping around it have stopped it slipping into motion.

But now, finally, I’ve started a blog. The car is rolling along merrily and showing no signs of flat tyres thus far.

So, blogs. What will I be blogging about, you might ask? “Well,” I’ll respond, with a carefree look on my face, “I’ll be using this blog along with my beatbox tutorial series on YouTube (that you should totally check out, by the way) to talk about certain topics in more detail!”

“Anything else?” you may respond, with a somewhat underwhelmed look in your eyes.

“You bet!” I’ll answer excitedly. “I’ll also be posting videos that I find impressive and discuss events that may be of interest to budding or experienced beatboxers!”

“Is that all?” you’ll say, looking a little more impressed but still rather unmoved.

“Well,” I’ll reply, feeling like I’m running out of ideas, “I write reviews and funny articles, I suppose I can add those here as well...”

“Reviews of what?” you demand, interrupting me in a very rude manner.

“Computer games reviews mainly” I’ll proclaim proudly.

“Computer games are for lame asses” a buffoon will yell from the sidelines.

“Your mum’s a lame ass!” I’ll retort, wittily

“My mum’s dead dude, that’s harsh” the unsocial cretin will answer.

“Exactly, how lame is that?” I’ll yell back, undeterred.

“That’s out of order!” you’ll say.

“You keep out of this” I’ll demand.

“Screw you man!” the games-hating moron will shout before flipping me off and leaving.

“Where were we?” I’ll ask.

“You were telling me that you’ll put reviews up as well” you offer.

“Ah yes, see, I also write for a couple of sites and will write up my thorough and oftentimes humourous reviews here for you to see!” I exclaim proudly.

At this point, however, you’ve lost interest and gone home.

Anyway, this is my new blog, I do hope you enjoy reading the topic-specific ramblings that I write up. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for the world’s best (and most up to date) beatbox tutorials, and become a fan on Facebook! And above all else, spread the word!

Peace, love, and jumpstarts